Managed detection and response improves threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities via a turnkey approach to detecting threats that have bypassed other controls. Security and risk management leaders need to understand this service and its implications for their environments.

By 2020, 15% of organizations will be using services such as MDR, which is an increase from fewer than 1% today.

By 2020, 80% of worldwide managed security service providers (MSSPs) will offer MDR-type services.

Why Wait for 2020? GLS supports over 100,000 globally managed and secured assets today. MDR is, and has been for years, our core competency.


At GLS, we take a creative approach to managed service solutions and provide the people, processes, and tools needed for our customers to take full advantage of the latest technologies in the most efficient way.
We own and operate a mature, PCI certified Network Operations Center that provides proactive monitoring and management services in 122 countries to over 85,000 assets. Our NOC supports a wide variety of technology, delivering support to the majority of enterprise adopted routers, switches, firewalls, servers, DDI solutions, and unified communications.
The GLS Cyber Defense System applies a performance based regiment to the philosophy that in order to secure a business, we must unify the various components of security to the orchestrated benefit of our client. Security is a people problem, not a tools problem, let GLS operate the environment while elevating your limited security resources into a Tier III or collaborative role driving stability, efficiency, and oversight into service delivery for your business.
Now that your network is stable and secure, give your team and your business the visibility it needs to optimize policies, manage performance, and invest budget with certainty versus buying on educated guesses. Visibility tools are easy to buy, though costly, and our experience proves that IT teams gravitate to them during a major issue, but they rarely take their heads out of the trees to look at the forest. Ask what and how we do things differently and why we are the top performance visibility service provider in the world!

Our Approach

The GLS Cyber Defense System unifies the key components of security that no organization should go without. CDS is designed to assess risk, create awareness, and inspect the effectiveness of controls for identification and reaction to the problem.

  • Asset Control

    Identify and categorize network and service assets. How do you secure something that you do not know exists on your network?

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    It's not just something purchased and managed by your IT department but a regimen utilized in service delivery that never ends. Don't just comply between regulatory milestones, become continuously compliant!

  • Threat Detection

    Detect malicious activity through inspection of sensory and logging data by using our sophisticated security systems and commercial threat feeds.

  • Security Incident & Event Management

    Correlate and analyze security event data across your enterprise.

  • Behavioral Monitoring

    Identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems.


About Us

Drive IT operations effectiveness & efficiencies.
Improve application performance.
Drastically reduce telecommunication costs.

GLS is a managed network and security services provider, founded in 1998. Our focus is now and has always been on the deployment of optimized network designs that drive performance and availability, improve security, and save money. We support over 100,000+ managed network and security assets today. Customers who partner with GLS perform better, their IT operations are more efficient, they have a greater level of security awareness, and are poised to take advantage of a smooth transition to the cloud and SD-WAN technologies. GLS is a proud certified AlienVault MSSP and Fortinet platinum partner.


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